Pink and Aqua Lamp worked Glass Gold Post Earrings With Swarovski

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A distinctive, pretty Swarovski crystal and lamp work glass earring with lead-free pewter posts. Approx 2" long and beautifully boxed. The lamp work glass is made by hand (see description below)

Lampworked glass is the product of a process of glassmaking that was developed centuries ago in Italy. The name is derived from the gas torch, or "lamp," by which the artisan heats colored glass rods to fluidity and, in the case of beadmaking, winds the molten glass around steel wire (mandrels). The subsequent removal of the mandrel leaves a hole through the bead, for stringing. Lampworking is a skill that takes a lot of practice to perfect. Each bead has to be made individually, and the artisan must understand the properties of glass, the ways colors combine within glass and when to add decorative elements (e.g., some lampworked beads have flowers or decorative bumps).