Reviewed on 7/17/2018 Fran R
I only wear gold hoop earrings, but someone bought me a pair of Collette Marie earrings. I got so many compliments that I bought 2 more pairs myself.
    Reviewed On 7/09/2018 Tammi I
I like to give her earrings for gifts. People like the jewelry and the gift boxes are very nice! 
    Reviewed on 05/11/2018 Rita D.
 I like her jewelry a lot. I don't wear much jewelry but I buy Collette Marie for presents. It always makes a nice presentation!
 Reviewed on 02/17/2018 Theresa K.
 Good quality jewelry. I bought a few pairs of earrings for myself and my husband, unbeknownst to me, ordered me a matching necklace for one of the earrings. Love it! I am going to order my niece CM jewelry for her wedding next year. 
   Reviewed on 01/05/2017 Tina R

Absolutely stunning jewelry! I got so many compliments! Very high quality.

2016-04-06T00:21:59 Response From The Vendor

It was a pleasure making the jewelry for you and your lovely bridal party. I wish you and your husband a lifetime of happiness. Collette Marie

     Reviewed on 12/14/2016 Jessica S.
Very nice jewlery. I like the honeymoon collection. Every time I wear the chili pepper earrings I get compliments..
    Reviewed On 10/31/2016 Joann L

I just love everything she has made for me! Special made earrings to match my bridesmaid dress for my sisters destination wedding, as well as classy jewelry for a night out! I receive nothing but compliments. I highly recommend Collette for your jewelry needs!

     Reviewed On 10/31/2016 Briana S

I love this jewelry! I get compliments every time I wear it out. I have been collecting Collette Marie jewelry for years and every time I come in the store I see something new that I love. Collette is always accommodating and willing to customize each piece to make sure what... Read More

     Reviewed On 10/30/2016 Maura V

My daughters and I love our beautiful Collette Marie jewelry. We started wearing CM earrings about one year ago. The crystals are incredibly eye catching, people often compliment us when wearing them. One year later, we were thrilled to wear CM necklaces, earrings and... Read More

2016-10-31T11:08:49 Response From The Vendor

It was al lot of fun making the jewelry for your wedding. You looked lovely and your daughters shined in the cz jewelry. I have decided to make this design again and add it to my collection . I will name it "Maura" after you..... READ MORE


     Reviewed On 10/28/2016 Christina C

I am the proud owner of at least six pairs of Collette Marie earrings. I recently added a Pearl and Swarovski Crystal necklace set to my collection. This is fine quality, stunning jewelry. Honestly, I can't get enough of it. My favorite thing is that people always notice... Read More

     Reviewed On 10/25/2016 Vanessa B

i looked AWESOME on my wedding day.. ThaNK YOU COLLETTE and Lamar Wedding Center

     Reviewed On 10/25/2016 Amanda H

My gorgeous Collette Marie bridal earrings have now been worn by two brides and a bridesmaid. My only problem is making sure that I get them back. They are really unique and beautiful.

2016-10-25T13:02:00 Response From The Vendor

You looked spectacular in the "Victoria" Collection. I was so excited to make some pieces with cultured pearls wrapped in tiny crystal. (I liked your jewelry so much that I named it after my beautiful mother.) I may contact you about using a picture of...READ MORE

     Reviewed On 10/25/2016 Kathleen H

As Mother-of-the-Bride, I have never received so many compliments on my jewelry. My necklace and earrings were so beautiful that I had to pause to consider whether I was showing up the bride! Thanks Collette Marie!

2016-10-25T12:58:05 Response From The Vendor

Thank you! I loved your idea of using mauve pearls with Swarovski and rondelles. Your jewelry looked beautiful on you.(Thanks for sending pics!)

     Reviewed On 10/24/2016 Elaine L

Gorgeous Jewelry! I first saw Collette Marie's jewelry in Manhattan a few years ago. When my daughter-in-law got married I suggested that she check out CM's website. She ended up going to Lamar Wedding Center in Montclair and ordered jewelry for herself, her mother, bridesmaids... Read More

     Reviewed On 10/22/2016 Alan S

Great selection of wedding jewelry. My fiancé chose to have Collette Marie add my mother's pearls into necklaces for the bridal party. Our family was very pleased with the result. Thank you!

                  The One

     Reviewed On 1/30/2016 Inna R

I looked for the right earrings for quite some time. I ordered several pairs and returned them. When I saw these earrings, I just knew -- like you do when you find the right dress. Everyone loves them and several of my friends from the bridal party will be getting earrings there as well. There are many styles to choose from.