Blue fan Cloisonné Earring with Rare Swarovski

Regular price $35.00

Charming and eye-catching, the "Song" earring features antiqued gold pewter fan posts with cloisonne fan and vintage Swarovski crystal. This unusual earring is approximately 1 1/2" long and is presented in a classy blue and ivory box with magnetic ribbon. You will.really like this earring.

What is cloisonne?

    Pronounced cloy-zon-ay, cloisonne beads are made by skilled artisans and valued for their beauty and versatility. Each bead takes up to nine hours to produce, in a complex process involving the creation of "cloisons" or cells, into which ground enamel is applied with a small brush. Strips of filigree are then added and fused to the base before firing. Finally, the newly minted enamel bead is polished and gilded. The handcrafted nature of cloisonne means that size, shape and color may vary slightly

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